Welcome to the world of black & white photography. I embraced solely black & white photography for these three reasons: the challenge of finding only form, line and texture in my images; the reminiscence of the early days of photography - when black and white was the only kind of photograph you could take - and the timelessness and purity of an image that is free of colorful overlays.

Every home, office, or gathering place with walls should have at least one black and white image to balance a world drenched in color. And to appreciate the soul and depth of a scene.

Immerse yourself in the world of classic black & white photography. Here you will find landscapes, waterscapes, streetscapes, mountains, streams, waterfalls and whimsy for your walls. These fine art photographs are perfect for your home but also for restaurants, lobbies, hotels, public houses, municipal buildings - anywhere you want to make a statement with bold and interesting imagery. Imagine a waterfall at the end of a hallway or a beach scene welcoming your guests.

Images are available printed on archival paper ready for you to mat and frame, or allow me to mat and frame your print using your choice of hardwood frames in black, white, or natural colors. Additionally, for larger prints in a great room, over couches or across a bare wall, I have canvas prints up to five feet long. These larger canvases are perfect for commercial applications. Now that's bold!